Operator services R.S.V.T.I. in I.S.C.I.R. :

  • Identification of installations / equipment in the ISCIR field of the holder
  • Taking the necessary steps to authorize the operation of facilities / equipment for which authorization is made by ISCIR, according to the applicable technical regulations
  • Recording all equipment / installations of the holder, subject to authorization by ISCIR
  • Admission for the operation of facilities / equipment that is made by RSVTI ( forklifts, cranes under 1t, low volume pressure vessels etc. )
  • Taking the necessary steps for obtaining the mandatory installation of equipment / facilities for which the technical requirements are compulsory;
  • Annual review and training of staff (fork-lift driver, crane driver, stoker, lift man etc. ) both that authorized by ISCIR and the internal training ( handler, compressor operator, slinger)
  • Preparing the facilities / equipment for official technical verification;
  • Participation in research when there is damage or accidents to the equipment / facilities that ISCIR has recorded

Contact: Catalin Crisan
Tel : 0257 – 254 083
e- mail: catalin.crisan@promun.ro

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