Services in health and safety at work:

Authorized external service for prevention and protection. We perform all activities of prevention and protection listed in Article 15 of the Law Implementing Rules of Safety and Health at the workplace approved by HG1425/2006 no.319/2006, such as:

  • Risk assessment
  • Development of the plan for prevention and protection
  • Investigation of workplace accidents followed by temporary disability
  • General introductory training for employment in the modern cabinets specially designed and equipped for this purpose;
  • Development of themes and programs for all phases of training
  • Elaborate security duties at workplace to be included in the job description
  • Composition of the file for the organization of prevention and protection

Other activities :

  • Periodic checking of equipment and electrical installations
  • Measurement of grounded socket
  • Audit according to the health and safety legislation at the workplace;
  • Advice on implementation of safety and health management in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001/2007
  • Internal audit for the security and health management system
  • Supply of personal protective equipment necessary to customers ;
  • Ensuring from our own production of posters, prints and other materials for training and information of workers ;
  • Individual training records management

Contact: Catalin Crisan
Phone: 0257-254083
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