Did you know that stress is the second problem as frequency among the health problems associated with working in Europe?

The " Stress Management for Healthy Workplaces " campaign 2014-2015 aims primarily to draw attention about stress and about psycho-social risks at the workplace and encourages employers , managers and workers and their representatives to work together to manage these risks .

The decrease of stress and of psycho-social risks create a healthy work environment , improving the wellbeing of workers and enterprise performance . In order to promote these results the campaign focuses primarily on:

  •    drawing more attention about this  more and more serious stress and psycho-social risks at work ;
  •    providing and promoting the use of simple and practical tools and guidelines for the management of psycho-social risks and stress at work ;
  •   emphasizing the positive effects of psycho-social risks and stress management at the workplace  including economical arguments .

All organizations must take into consideration stress and psycho-social risks at workplace. On average 51 % of workers consider that stress at work is a common issue where they work, and this figure is high in organizations of all sizes. In very small organizations ( micro) where are no more than nine workers, 45 % of workers believe stress at work look ordinary , and in larger organizations this percentage increases to 54-58 % of the workers.

For more details, visit the official campaign website : https://www.healthy-workplaces.eu/ro